Letter to the Fans

Hey everyone Kentucky and Derby here. We wanted to let all of our amazing customers know what we have been up to and introducing yall to some new hoodie styles.

Derby and I have been hard at work making these wonderful hoodies and still finding time to have fun. We came out with two more styles that are now available on the online store. They are called Cotton Candy and Camo. People have been asking for a pink hoodie and we finally have one. I think Derby and I look good in pink. The other color is Camo. For those of you that don’t like the bright colors and like to have fun outdoors, this is the color for you.

Derby and I have also been staying busy meeting fans at our pop up meet and greets around San Diego. Hopefully when things start to open up we would love to travel and meet our fans across the country. We love to hear from yall and if you would like to send us letters, drawings, or anything you can mail it to 4876 Santa Monica Ave #1502 San Diego,CA 92107. We do unboxing videos and show everyone what wonderful fans we have.

Also the one thing that makes Derby and I smile is to see everyone in their new Derby California Hoodies. We have posted these photos on our social media and the online store. So check it out and see if your photos are on there. If they are not then email them to us at shopderbcalifornia@gmail.com 

Look out for more warm weather merch dropping in March. See yall soon. All good all the time.

Kentucky and Derby