Human & Dog hoodies

  • OG Derby California Hoodie
  • Ocean Potion Hoodie
  • Stormy Seas Hoodie
  • Sun Fire Hoodie
  • Floral Coral Hoodie
  • Camo Hoodie
  • Cotton Candy Hoodie


  • Floral Coral T-Shirt
  • Ocean Potion T-Shirt
  • OG T-Shirt


  • OG Bandana
  • Ocean Potion Bandana
  • Floral Coral Bandana

Derby California Merch

  • Derby California Cup
  • Derby California Vinyl Stickers

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"The Goofballs"


Hand dyed, one of a kind, made with love...

All of our tie dyed pieces are made to order by hand in a small garage, which we affectionately refer to as “The Lab,” here in SanDiego.  We have partnered with our favorite local tie dye company, Noiice Dyes to bring you these unique and one of a kind pieces.  We are a small business that supports other small businesses; a local seamstress in Ocean Beach, San Diego sews on our labels.

Derby is “The Lab” supervisor and he makes sure each piece lives up to his high standards and is made with love.

We are now on Cameo

Kentucky and Derby Cameo

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